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The Traveling Wilburys : ré-édition disponible en pré-commande

Comme nous vous en avons informé il y a quelques semaines, c’est à compter du 6 Juin que sera disponible la ré-édition des albums des “Traveling Wilburys” sous la forme d’un coffret comportant 3 CD.
Voici le communiqué de presse officiel relatif à cette ré-édition :
{” Standard Package – Features 2 CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, bonus DVD of content and a 16-page collectible book.
” Deluxe Edition Set – Linen-bound deluxe edition features 2 CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, bonus DVD, and _ a 40-page collectible book with photos, original liner notes, new liner notes and a uniquely numbered certificate of authenticity.
” Vinyl Edition – Features 2 vinyl releases of Volumes 1 and 3 with an additional 12-inch featuring bonus tracks, a collectible album-sized book, plus additional postcards/posters.
” Digital Edition Bundle – Features downloadable editions of both CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, video content and an interactive booklet.
The Traveling Wilburys release marks the first time in ten years the product has been issued. Marking the occasion, Rhino Entertainment President Scott Pascucci commented, “We’re honored to be involved with making the music of this extraordinary group available again.”
In trying to explain how the Wilburys originally came together, George Harrison once said, “The thing about the Wilburys for me is-if we’d tried to plan it, or if anybody had said, let’s form this band and get these people in it-it would never happen, it’s impossible. It happened completely, just by magic, just by circumstance. Maybe there was a full moon that night or something like that. It was quite a magical little thing really.”
The Traveling Wilburys BACKGROUND
The Traveling Wilburys was not a carefully planned band, not formed from deep premeditation. Rather, the band was created in a casual blending of genuine friends one ordinary afternoon, which turned out to be anything but ordinary.
George Harrison needed a B-side song to accompany a European single release from his widely regarded Cloud Nine album. While in Los Angeles, George approached Jeff Lynne for help with the B-side, since he had co-produced the album. It happened that Jeff was working with Roy Orbison on the upcoming Mystery Girl album. Roy readily agreed to lend a hand in the musical effort. As fate would luckily dictate, George’s guitar was at Tom Petty’s house, and he too offered to join in and make some music. When the group showed up to record, Dylan also lent a hand to help complete the half-finished song George had written. George has often been quoted as saying, “And so everybody was there and I thought, I’m not gonna just sing it myself, I’ve got Roy Orbison standing there. I’m gonna write a bit for Roy to sing. And then, as it progressed, then I started doing the vocals and I just thought I might as well push it a bit and get Tom and Bob to sing the bridge.” The final result was a song called “Handle With Care.” George later said, “I liked the song and the way that it turned out with all these people on it so much that I just carried it around in my pocket for ages thinking, Well what can I do with this thing? And the only thing to do I could think of was do another nine. Make an album.”
The album they created was called the Traveling Wilburys Volume 1-a playful nod to the reality that subsequent volumes were unlikely. Volume 1 was released in October 1988 preceded by the single “Handle With Care.” The album achieved wide critical acclaim, and most critics agreed that the music was so extraordinary because of the modest ambitions of the band, which translated to a fresh and relaxing sound. Rolling Stone Magazine instantly called it one of the Top 100 Albums of all time. The album also saw commercial success; it reached #3 on the Album charts, garnered double-platinum status and earned the group a Grammy® for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group.
In 1990, following the unexpected death of Roy Orbison in December 1988, the remaining members reconvened to record Traveling Wilburys Volume 3, dedicating the album to Lefty (Roy) Wilbury. With Harrison and Lynne producing again, both “She’s My Baby” and “Wilbury Twist” became radio hits as the album reached #11 in the U.S. and achieved Platinum success.
Track Listing:
Disc One
_ 1. Handle With Care
_ 2. Dirty World
_ 3. Rattled
_ 4. Last Night
_ 5. Not Alone Any More
_ 6. Congratulations
_ 7. Heading For The Light
_ 8. Margarita
_ 9. Tweeter And The Monkey Man
_ 10. End Of The Line
_ Bonus Tracks:
_ 11. Maxine*
_ 12. Like A Ship*
Disc Two
_ DVD – The True History Of The Traveling Wilburys
Music Videos:
_ 1. Handle With Care
_ 2. End Of The Line
_ 3. Inside Out
_ 4. She’s My Baby
_ 5. Wilbury Twist
Disc Three
_ 1. She’s My Baby
_ 2. Inside Out
_ 3. If You Belonged To Me
_ 4. The Devil’s Been Busy
_ 5. 7 Deadly Sins
_ 6. Poor House
_ 7. Where Were You Last Night?
_ 8. Cool Dry Place
_ 9. New Blue Moon
_ 10. You Took My Breath Away
_ 11. Wilbury Twist
_ Bonus Tracks:
_ 12. Runaway (B-side to “She’s My Baby” UK CD and 12?)
13. Nobody’s Child (previously released on Nobody’s Child: Romanian Angel Appeal)}
Vous pouvez d’ores et déjà vous procurer ce superbe coffret incontournable en cliquant sur les liens ci-dessous :
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