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Sean Lennon : nouvel album confirmé

Il y a quelques semaines de cela nous vous rapportions dans nos colonnes une rumeur voulant que Sean Lennon puisse publier un nouvel album.
Cette rumeur est désormais confirmé par le communiqué de presse ci-dessous, et son nouvel opus devrait être publié en Septembre prochain.

{To all my MySpace buddies, I am happy to announce that I have a solo record scheduled for release on EMI/Capitol this September called, Friendly Fire. I met with Capitol today, and they made it clear to me that they wish to take over the day to day workings of this web page. Apparently Myspace has become a major force to be reckoned with when it comes to the marketing and promotion of new artists in these topsy turvy times. When I asked them what the impact of free downloading, was on the industry, they all looked down solemnly and said, ‘We’re lucky to have our jobs.’ I don’t envy the challenge they face in releasing my record, but hey, that’s their problem, not mine. All I have to do is sing songs and answer stupid questions. Questions like, ‘How does it feel to be you?’ If anyone could accurately answer that they could to start their own religion.
So I’d like to announce the eventual changing of the guards, from yours truly, to the very capable and talented team over at Capitol. I will be checking in from time to time, and will try my best to reply to reasonably worded inquiries. I will try and work with the digital team as much as possible to assure a ‘personal,’ ‘heart-felt,’ and ‘fun,’ Internet ‘experience,’ for all those interested. There will also be an end to my Draconian selection policy, which has, for some, been the Internet equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition.
I will be opening a new Sean Ono Lennon page, which will serve as my personal, domain, reserved solely for my most personal whims and impulses, flights and fancies, indulging my most intimate and integrated intuitions and insights. Those of you who would like to be added to this new page should send in their requests in a timely fashion.
I have enjoyed deeply being the sole proprietor of this institution up until now, and I hope that its users will continue to have a thoroughly enjoyable virtual experience in the months to come, and in the years and centuries to follow.
The official change over will be in a few weeks, so anyone who wishes to speak to me quickly should do it now. I have suddenly received many letters concerning the ‘Changing of the Guards,’ message. Let me make it clear that I will continue to check this page as much as possible. I am not abandoning it to some cold and impersonal webmaster. It’s just that Capitol would like to take over in such a way as to accept EVERYONE who is curious about my music and art. I think this is a nice idea. The only reason I didn’t do that before was because I could not manage so many letters from so many people alone. Now I will have help. Hoorah.
Apparently, according to the people at Capitol, the number one problem today with records is people knowing that they are even out. So if everyone on this page could do me the favor of telling as many people as possible that Friendly Fire is to be released in September, I would be eternally grateful and forever in your debt.
Indubitably yours,



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