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Paul McCartney : Jason Falkner parle de l’enregistrement du nouvel album de Paul

Nous vous livrons ci-dessous un extrait d’une interview de Jason Falkner dans laquelle il revient sur son travail avec Paul McCartney, dans le cadre de l’enregistrement de son nouvel album.

NATN: And how do you tend to do it? Are there songs you deem finished and then you go on to working on two more, or do you just keep coming back to these tracks?

JF: I kind of grew up starting and finishing a song before I moved on. Part of that is because I grew up working with tape machines and a mixing console, and cuz I’m so lazy, I didn’t want to have to document all my settings. So if I was really close to something, it would prevent me from starting on another song, because I didn’t want to have to document all my settings. And now that’s one of the beauties…that’s actually one of my favorite things about computer recording. You just save it and close it and you open it and it’s exactly the same; you don’t have to document anything. So that enables me to jump around from song to song. But usually when I’m working on a song I’m kinda obsessed with it, and I’m driving around thinking about how I’m going to finish the song, so I will kinda start and finish songs in sequence. But there’s been songs that have been sitting around waiting for me to finish them up to like six months after I started it. You know, I get distracted easily, cuz I do all these different projects. I just played with Paul McCartney and I’m starting to produce this stuff.

Tell me about recording with Paul. How did that come about?

JF: Well I just played guitar on his record. But the thing is, it’s not really a done deal, because he’s doing different sessions with different producers. This was stuff with Nigel and Nigel called me in, but nobody knows, including Nigel and probably even Paul at this point, whether those sessions are gonna be his record. So it’s not totally newsworthy, you know what I mean?


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