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Paul McCartney : Soirée Chat

DishDiva  : Welcome to MSN Live. Tonight we are very pleased to welcome legendary recording artist and former Beatle, Paul McCartney whose latest CD is “Driving Rain.” Paul joins us tonight LIVE from the sound check in Dallas as he prepares to go onstage.
Paul_McCartney_ : Great thanks! Lovely to be here, vertually and really
DishDiva  : Paul, since you are about to go onstage let’s talk about your tour.
Macca_fan  : What exactally was the pre-concert show, and where did the idea come from? Thanks
Paul_McCartney : It came from originally we were thinking of having a support act, but it gets difficult because you have to move their stuff off stage and yours on. So I thought of having the audience come in rather than have them feeling like an auditorium. Then it turned into having them seem like they didn’t know how they got there. Then I worked with Youth, and that was it basically. It just gets the audience in and gets them into the atmophere.
HailedEclipse : Paul Johnson from Essex UK. Other than the Jubilee gig, are you planning any other live dates in the UK in the near future and if so do you know where!? Also whats your opinion on Beatles tribute bands here in Britain?
Paul_McCartney : Thank you! What I am doing, as you say the Jubilee gig,and then there are no plans at the moment, but I am looking into taking the band to Brittain, but I don’t have any dates yet. I want to make some of them Brittish dates.
jlw44 : I have been to 4 shows so far and I was exhausted watching you. How do you keep your energy level up so high?
Paul_McCartney : I don’t really know. I’ve been a vegitarian for a long time, that might have something to do with it. I am just enjoying the whole thing. Enjoying playing with the band. I have a very nice woman in my life. I think all of that helps in my life to energize I’m just enjoying the whole thing, so that’s the

answer. Plus the veggie diet.
LoysEugeneCarter  : Do you think, Sir, that you will record more songs with Ringo, possibly including more unreleased songs by Lennon and or Harrison, like “Real Love”?
Paul_McCartney : I don’t know about that. It’s an interesting idea. When we did “Free As a Bird” and “Real Love” there was another track under consideration for us to work on but we didn’t get around to it so I wonder if there will be a chance in the future. I wouldn’t: mind doing it. It was just one of John’s demos. But there’s no plans at the moment.
Axl_Hacker_Rose : Paul, what did you think about Guns ‘n’ Roses version of “Live And Let Die”?
Paul_McCartney : (Speaks gibberish) I really did like it. (Speaks gibberish) I actually met Axel Rose backstage and he said he was going to do one of my songs. I didn’t know it would be that song, but I thought it was pretty cool.

SeasonedJet7  : My son and I had the pleasure of attending your San Jose show. 2nd row, in front of you! How do you feel looking out on crowd, seeing all the different age groups represented, singing along to all of your music? 
Paul_McCartney : (You’ve touched so many. It’s very interesting because the first thing you are trying to do is remeber the notes, then the words to sing and the melody, so a lot of effort is into that, then you look at the crowd and you’re brain is doing so much at once. You see the ages of  everyone, we do have a wide age rage from people older than myself to tiny kids. We had one show where a lady was holding up a baby the whole time. I like people, it doesn’t matter what age they are so it feels great to see them. The only difficult thing is when people hold up sign because you also find yourself reading the signs as you are doing everything else and it gets quite difficult. (laughs) But it’s all part of the show and I enjoy it.
GingerBlokeOnline  : Songs become relevant to people at a particular time and place in their lives. What song is relevant for you at the moment? What do you play on the acoustic when alone?
Paul_McCartney : When I’m touring I don’t really find myself sitting around playing acoustic, because you’re doing so much in the day that time off is time off. I really just play whatever comes into my mind, it could be an old song that I learned when I first learned  guitar, or something new, or someone else’s song. Or I’m writing a song when I have time off, I just play nothing in particular and just see if an interesting idea comes out of that. It just depends on the mood you’re in. I like doing it and always have one with me, but on tour I don’t always use it that much.
MaccaRules0  : Do you have any plans to release a DVD music video collection? Lot of great ones that I would love to see again!
Paul_McCartney_ : That’s one of those things that has been cooking for a while. Often something gets in the bit of the way of it. There’s been talk of a DVD or live record of this tour so that would mean the DVD would be put into next year. I would love to do them and look  at them back to back. So I would like that for myself so one day we’ll get around to that. But like I said, there may be a DVD from this tour coming at the end of this year.
VeeJay1062  : Hi there, Paul! My 5 year old daughter (her name is McCartney, by the way!) would like to know if any of your concerts, from your current tour, will be shown on television? She loves to watch the concert I taped from your New World Tour.
Paul_McCartney : Yeah, I think that may happen. I love that, her first name McCartney, I hope her second name isn’t McCartney. (laughs) The good news is for dad and daughter we are making the DVD which would include doing a TV show that would have most of this tour. That’s being talked about at the moment so that everyone that didn’t make it to the concert, will be able to see what goes on.
DishDiva : So many of your fans here seem to go to one show after another. . .
Paul_McCartney_: I love that. It’s a tribute really. Sometimes when you go to see someone you get enough, but I love when they can’t get enough and that’s a tribute to the band and to us. I do think that the people on the tour with us say you can watch the show more than once and always see something new.
BobKing_1: Greetings Mr McCartney! Your version of ‘Something’ on your current tour is beautiful. Did you tallk to George about covering his song?
Paul_McCartney_: As I say on stage, what happened was, I actually played it for George, kind of half of a joke after dinner. I had been sitting around and hope playing around with it on the ukulele. I found myself singing it so I didn’t say to George that I was going to  sing it on stage because I didn’t know I was going to. But I played it for him and he got a laugh from it.

ShadowBoxDriver : Will Paul like to do “Today” a sequel to his famous “Yesterday” anthology?
Paul_McCartney_: I did a song called “Tomorrow” and “Yesterday” so the next should be “Today” (sings tooo-tooo-day). (laughs)
sacomom : Hi Paul – I’m a librarian in Maine and a big fan of yours since 1964. What is your favorite genre of book and who is your favorite author? Great concert in Boston! Thank you!
Paul_McCartney_: Thanks for the compliment. You know I think the kind of book I enjoy most is sort of old novels by Dickens, Wilke Collins or Thomas Hardy because they transform you out of this world . I love the descriptions and characters of Dickens. I just get immersed in them. I don’t read them all in one go, but I enjoy being transported to a different place and time.
DishDiva : ElbowedDigo from Brazil asks: What do you compose at first, the lyrics or the melody?
Paul_McCartney_: It’s nearly always the melody. I’ve written one or two songs where the words came first. I was once with The Beatles on a tour bus and didn’t have a piano (that would have been a really cool tour bus) and I did all the words to “All My Loving.” And had to  wait to put the melody to it. In the case of Yesterday, it was a melody that I dreamed and then I put some silly words to it like “scrambled eggs, oh my baby how I love your legs.” Those of course had to be changed. As I’m sitting here in my dressing room in Dallas, I’m sitting here with Sir George Martin, his wife, and my lovely fiancee Heather.
DishDiva : Congratulations from all your fans on your recent engagement
Paul_McCartney_: Thank you.
DishDiva : Heather looks great in her new ad campaign.
Paul_McCartney : As you enjoy those pictures because money is raised by that Inc. for Land Mine Clearance and that’s something we’re really proud of. But she does look beautiful doesn’t she ?
Sunni626 : Hi Paul your concert at the garden in NYC was awesome,my husband works for the NYC fire Dept and this concert was the best for all of us.
Paul_McCartney : Oh yeah! There was no doubt about it. The concert for New York was a high spot in our year and we were all very proud of it because of the coming together, standing and being counted, and the emotion of the evening.So if we had to do it again, I would do.
DishDiva : If you had to do it all over again, would you do it the same way?
Paul_McCartney_: it 100 times over. It was a very special concert for us. I think it was great to assist in lifting the spirits of New Yorkers and Americans especially fire fighters.  And Port Authority.
DishDiva : Paul I undertand you need to get ready for your concert, from all of your fans here on MSN, best of luck with the Driving Rain tour and for being here tonight on MSN Live.
Paul_McCartney_: I just want to say thank you for being so wonderful and your support. Not just on the tour, but me personally. Thank you for the good vibes that you have been sending me. So from the dressing room here in Dallas from me, my fiancee Heather, Sir Martin, we.  send our best wishes to everyone around the world.

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