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The Light That Had Lighted the World : George Harrison : paroles, traduction, histoire…

The Light That Had Lighted the World

Informations sur la chanson

  • Crédits : George Harrison
  • Durée : 3:31
  • Producteur : George Harrison
  • Ingénieur : Philip McDonald

Les paroles de la chanson

I’ve heard how Some People, have said
that I’ve changed
That I’m not what I was
How it really is a shame
The thoughts in their heads,
Manifest on their brow
Like bad scars from ill feelings
they themselves arouse
So hateful of anyone that is happy
or ’free’
They live all their lives,
without looking to see
The Light That Has Lighted The World
It’s funny how people, just won’t
accept change
As if nature itself – they’d prefer
So hard to move on
When you’re down in a hole
Where there’s so little chance,
to experience soul

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I’m greatful to anyone,
that is happy or ’free’
for giving me hope
while I’m looking to see

The light that has lighted the world

Musiciens ayant participé à l’enregistrement

Nicky Hopkins – Piano
Gary Wright – Orgue
Klaus Voormann – Guitare basse
Jim Keltner – Batterie
Ringo Starr – Batterie
Jim Gordon – Batterie
George Harrison – Guitare
Jim Horn – Sax & Flutes
Zakir Hussein – Tabla
John Barham – Direction des Cordes

L’enregistrement de la chanson

octobre 1972, janvier 1973 Studios Apple


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