Run Of The Mill : George Harrison : paroles, traduction, histoire…

Run Of The Mill

Informations sur la chanson

  • Crédits : Harrison
  • Durée : 2:52
  • Producteur : George Harrison & Phil Spector
  • Ingénieur : Ken Scott & Philip McDonald

Les paroles de la chanson

Everyone has choice
When to and not to raise their voices
It’s you that decides
Which way will you turn
While feeling that our love’s not your concern
It’s you that decides
No One around you
Will carry the blame for you
No One around you
Will Love You Today and throw it all away
Tomorrow when you rise
Another Day for you to realize me
Or send me down again

As the days stand up on end
You’ve got me wondering how I lost your friendship
But I see it in your eyes

Though I’m beside you
I can’t carry the lame for you
I may decide to
Get out with your blessing
Where I’ll carry on guessing

How high will you leap
Will you make enough for you to reap it ?
Only You’ll arrive
At your own made end
With no One but yourself to be offended
It’s you that decides

Musiciens ayant participé à l’enregistrement

– Batterie et percussions : Ringo Starr, Jim Gordon, Alan White, Phil Collins Ce dernier ne joue que les congas.
– Guitare basse : Klaus Voormann, Carl Radle
– Claviers : Gary Wright, Bobby Whitlock, Billy Preston, Gary Brooker
– Pedal Steel Guitar : Pete Drake
– Guitare : George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Dave Mason
– Trompette : Jim Price
– Guitares rythmiques, claviers et percussions Badfinger.
– Tambourin : Mal Evans
– Orchestration et arrangements : John Barham
– Chœurs : The George O’Hara-Smith Singers

L’enregistrement de la chanson

26 mai au 25 septembre 1970 aux Studios Abbey Road, Londres


Disques incluant cette chanson

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33 Tours / International

Early Takes: Volume 1

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