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    Les paroles de la chanson

    [SHANTY] I know I should be glad of this,
    For to be thankful is,
    To know.

    I hope,
    That you will still be here,
    The time is drawing near,
    For us to know.

    [MARY DEE] (no longer as a ghost)
    I’ll always be here,
    As long as you’ve got time for me.
    Whether it’s joy or sadness,
    It doesn’t matter,
    As long as you have time for me,
    We will be together.

    [SHANTY] I know That to be thankful is,
    Not what I need, but just for right now,
    It’s all I’ve got.
    I know that patience is a virtue.
    But at this time in my life,
    I need something more.

    Something in the air,
    Is slowly drawing us together.

    [MARY DEE] Sit tight,
    Be brave,
    And believe in something more.

    [SHANTY] If I could sit still,
    It I could be courageous.
    I have a feeling that there’s something,
    Drawing us inevitably towards it.

    [MARY DEE] If you have patience,
    You needn’t wait for ever.
    This is the story that they tell the children,
    Who are always asking the question.

    [SHANTY] I know Someone is making sense.

    [MARY DEE] We have a common sense,

    [SHANTY and CHORUS] (Ah…).

    [BOYS] Father, hear our humble voices,
    We will praise Thee all our days,
    Cleanse our sins, release our minds,
    We will be together.

    [PREACHER and WOMEN’S CHORUS] Lord, deliver Thy salvation,
    Unto those that bless Thy name.

    [FULL CHORUS] Let them live in harmony.

    [SOLO QUARTET] With Thy Holy Spirit.

    [CHORUS] Hosanna, Hosanna,
    Gloria in excelsis Deo.

    [MARY DEE and SHANTY] God in heaven, save Thy thunder,
    For the enemies of love,
    Bathe us in Thy holy light,
    We will live together.

    [CHORUS] Amen.

    L’histoire de la chanson

    Quelques années plus tard, Mary Dee aperçoit Shanty perdu dans ses pensées. Elle se sent attirée vers lui. Elle apaise les doutes de Shanty et tempère ses ambitions. Après s’être avoué leur amour, Shanty et Mary Dee se marient.

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