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Informations sur la chanson

    Les paroles de la chanson

    BOY SOLO] Non nobis solum,
    Sed toti mundo nati,
    Toti mundo nati.

    [BOYS’ CHOIR] Non nobis solum,
    Sed toti mundo nati.

    [CHORUS] (Ah), Ah…

    [SHANTY] The air raid siren slices through,
    A night in 1942.
    A couple sheltering in the gloom,
    Know all too well this waiting room,
    For often they have in the past,
    Been huddled close against the blast,
    Of doodle bugs and bombs galore,
    They can’t put up with any more.
    So it was that I was born,
    Into this world one summer morning,
    And breaking through this brand new day,
    I hear the sound of warning.

    [CHORUS] (War, Ah)

    [SHANTY] Oh will it all end here?
    Or is their future round the corner?
    You’ll be forgiven if you’re down on your knees.
    What will it be what will it?
    What will we be what will we?
    What will we see what will we see?

    They stay in darkness underground,
    Until they hear the All Clear sound,
    And weary eyes will search the sky,
    For any sign of sunlight.
    For any sign of sunlight.

    [CHORUS] Mother and father holding their child,
    Not knowing what future magic lies inside.
    We open our hearts,
    You open the door,
    To peace and happiness for evermore,
    For us for evermore.

    L’histoire de la chanson

    En 1942, en pleine guerre mondiale, des sirènes hurlent, la population terrifiée court se mettre à l’abri pour échapper au déluge de feu qui s’abat sur Liverpool. Au plus fort d’un raid aérien, dans Liverpool en flammes, un enfant naît, porteur d’espoir.

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    Liverpool Oratorio

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