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Tropic Island Hum : Paul McCartney : paroles, traduction, histoire…

Tropic Island Hum

Informations sur la chanson

    Les paroles de la chanson

    Welcome to our island,
    Glad you came to call,
    Now you’ve made yourself at home,
    You’re welcome to us all
    We are simple people, why are we this way,
    This is what we always say.

    It’s the way that we bong on the bongo
    It’s the way that be bang on the big base drum,
    It’s the way we sing in the song book,
    Plays the tropic island hum
    Hum, hum…

    Playin’ in the sunshine, lots of sea and sand
    It’s jolly nice in paradise
    Lordie ain’t life grand
    Everyone was happy joining in the fun,
    Doing like we’ve always done

    It’s the way that we shake on the shakers,
    It’s the way that we bang on the big base drum,
    It’s the way that we bake in the cake off,
    Plays the tropic island hum

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    Good, good, good… Feeling good
    Tonights a special night Feeling good,
    Alright, alright, alright, alright
    Anything can happen in the meantime
    Won’t you come and celebrate our tropic island hum

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    Tropic Island Hum

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    Tropic Island Hum

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