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Phil And John 2 (demo) : John Lennon : paroles, traduction, histoire…

Phil And John 2 (demo)

Informations sur la chanson

  • Durée : 2:00

Les paroles de la chanson

(J) -“0ne, two, three hmm – I’ve got a message for you….”
(P) – “Hold it ! Hold it ! Our fault, our fault ! Not your fault. Listen, if the voice is too loud just say the voice…I’m yellin’ too loud in
in the can, everybody suddenly grabs their headphones when I talk”
(J) – “No, no, no.”
(P) – “Ok, everything is fine, I know, ok…”
(J) – “You wanna…. ?”
(P) – “Hold it one sec”
(J) – “Phil, we’re all…..as well….oh get out ! You could have, you know, broken it on the third line or something….I better get all that”
bit……oh, you don’t mind if I change the lyrics then ? Good, ok, hey, we got the man here !
(P) -“What man ?”
(J) -“Any fuckin’ man, let’s go….I’m gonna get an all girl band, ha ha ha”
(P) – “Well, you need one, let’s go !”,
(J) – “You won’t let me do “Be Bop A Lula” instead ?””
(P) – “I won’t let you do anthing, let’s go !”
(J) – “Be Bop A…..”
(P) – “’til you get this one, then you can do “Be Bop A Lula”
(J) – “And “Send Me Some Lovin’””
(P) – “You can do anything you wanna do, Johnnie”
(J) – “After this ?”
(P) – “After this.”
(J) -“Take the bandages off ?”
(P) -“You can even do “Take The Bandages Off””
(J) -“Ok….”
(P) – “You can even do “Johnny B Goode””
(J) – “No, no”
(P) – “I wish you would, let’s go””
(J) – “Any time you like I….”
(P) – “I know you would come on”
(J) – “I know the solo too”
(P) – “Good”
(J) – “But I wouldn’t wanna take it away from Jessie…”
(P) – “I know”
(J) -“Yoo”
(P) -“Is Jessie there ? Yes, he’s there…come on !”
(J) -“Ok ! let’s….”
(P) – “Alright !”,
( ?) -“One, two”
(J) -“Yes it did, yeah !”
(J) -“It always works out the same old way”
(P) – “Hold it ! Somebody’s waving a hand. Somebody says stop so we stop”

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