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Mystery Juice

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  • Crédits : Sean Lennon

Les paroles de la chanson

She won’t speak to me
won’t speak
and it’s all my own fault

baby i’m afraid to let you know
they stole the show and towed the rowboat
though slow
we’re on the go like rabbits in the snow

baby i’m a lonely kind of man
like a rapper with a forty in his hand
i can’t stand
when you talk about that other man

every day i watch the tv shows
it’s getting so i know the shows hosts
I Don’t boast
maybe i should try and make the most

i’m always biting more than i can chew
to lose the blues i choose to flew the coop
who knew ?
is it news that you were out the loop ?

dreaming is a singing of the mind
and taste is like seeing to the blind

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