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Isolation (demo)

Informations sur la chanson

  • Crédits : Lennon
  • Durée : 3:46

Les paroles de la chanson



– « That was a goon up, sorry. »
– « That’s a shame ! »
– « Yeah.
– « It was nice. »
– « It was. »
– « It was just going very well. »< - "I know !. - "Maybe we can paste them together.&qquot; - "Yeah, that was very good, wasn’t itt !. - "Remember that line." - "Yeah, remember those bits, we’ll keeep ’em ! What went wrong ?" - "I didn’t come in with you, it’s my fault !. - "Oh, well alright, that’s fine as loong as I know what ’appened !." PEOPLE SAY WE GOT IT MADE, DON’T THEY KNOW WE’RE SO AFRAID ? ISOLATION. WE’RE AFRAID TO BE ALONE, EV’RYBODY GOT TO HAVE A HOME. ISOLATION. JUST A BOY AND A LITTLE GIRL, TRYIN’ TO CHANGE THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. ISOLATION. THE WORLD IS JUST A LITTLE TOWN, EV’RYBODY TRYIN’ TO PUT US DOWN. I-HI-HI, I-HI-HI-HI-SOLATION ! I DON’T EXPECT YOU TO UNDERSTAND, AFTER YOU’VE CAUSED SO MUCH PAIN. BUT THEN AGAIN, YOU’RE NOT TO BLAME, YOU’RE JUST A HUMAN, A VICTIM OF THE INSANE. WE’RE AFRAID OF EV’RYONE, AFRAID OF THE SUN. ISOLATION. THE SUN WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR, BUT THE WORLD MAY NOT HAVE MANY YEARS. I-HI-HI, I-HI-HI-HI-SOLATION ! - "Yeah, you see I concentrated less on the words and more on the vocal."

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