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Good Morning Good Morning (Prise 8) : The Beatles : paroles, traduction, histoire…

Good Morning Good Morning (Prise 8)

Informations sur la chanson

  • Crédits : Lennon-McCartney
  • Durée : 2:40
  • Producteur : George Martin

Les paroles de la chanson

Nothing To Do To Save His Life, Call His Wife In.
Nothing To Say But, « What A Day ! How’s Your Boy Been ? »
Nothing To Do, It’s Up To You,
I’ve Got Nothing To Say But It’s Okay.

Going To Work, Don’t Wanna Go, Feeling Low Down.
Heading For Home, You Start To Roam, Then You’re In Town.

Ev’Rybody Knows There’s Nothing Doing,
Ev’Rything Is Closed, It’s Like A Ruin,
Ev’Ryone You See Is Half Asleep,
And You’re On Your Own, You’re In
The Street.

After A While You Start To Smile, Now You Feel Cool.
Then You Decide To Take A Walk By The Old School.
Nothing Has Changed, It’s Still The Same,
I’ve Got Nothing To Say, But It’s Okay

People Running ‘Round, It’s Five O’clock,
Ev’Rywhere In Town It’s Getting Dark,
Ev’Ryone You See Is Full Of Life,
It’s Time For Tea And Meet The Wife.

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Somebody Needs To Know The Time, Glad That I’m Here.
Watching The Skirts, You Start To Flirt, Now You’re In Gear.
Go To A
Show, You Hope She Goes,
I’ve Got Nothing To Say But It’s Okay.

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good. 

Good Morning, Morning, Oh Hou !

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Anthology 2

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