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I'll Be Back (Prise 2)

Informations sur la chanson

  • Crédits : Lennon-McCartney
  • Durée : 1:13
  • Producteur : George Martin

Les paroles de la chanson

One, Two, Three, One, Two. 
You Know,
If You Break My Heart I’Ll Go,
But I’Ll Be Back Again.
‘Cause I
Told You Once Before Goodbye,
But I Came Back Again.

I Love You So, 
I’m The One Who Wants You,
Yes, I’m The One Who Wants You,
Oh Ho,
Oh Ho.

You, You Could Find Better Things To Do
Than To Break My Heart Again.
This Time
I Will Try To Show That I’m
Not Trying To Pretend.

‘Cause I Thought
That You Would Realise…

John : « It’s Too Hard To Sing ! »

That If You Would Want Me To,
And If You Would Love Me….

John : « When I Start Going ‘Woh, Woh’ About Eight Times. »
Paul : « I Just Want To Sing That Bit. »

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Anthology 1

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