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Riding On A Bus : The Beatles : paroles, traduction, histoire…

Riding On A Bus

Informations sur la chanson

  • Crédits : (Speech)
  • Producteur : Bernie Etrews

Les paroles de la chanson

Brian : Before We Hear Another Song, Fellows, There Is A Few Things I’d Like To Ask You. First Of All, Do You Ever Get Tired Of Being Beatles ?
All : (Big Yawns)
Paul : We Don’t Think So, Really.
Brian : You Don’t Ever Think That ?
Paul : Just Occasionally You Get Cheesed Off With People Writing Rubbish About You, Which You Get Often.
John : Yeah, I Agree With That. I’ve Had A Divorce And Half A Dozen Kids.
Brian :
Now What Do You…Eh, Well, I Mean, Doesn’t …Isn’t This A Big Sort Of Drag To Go Around Explaining To Your Wife That You’re Not Divorced And All That Sort Of Things ?
John : No, She Knows I’m Not Divorced Cause I Keep Seeing Her Ever Day, You See.
Brian : Yes, A Point. But What About The Simpler Things Of Life, Like…Eh…
Paul : Like Riding A Bus ?
Brian : Yeh, Or Going To Just About Any Restaurant You…
Paul : Well, Yeh, You Miss Those Sort
Of Things.
John : We Go To Certain Ones.
George : And We Go To Ones Where The People There Are So Snobby, They’re The Type Who Pretend They Don’t Know Us, So We Have A Good Time
Cause They Pretend They Don’t Know Us.
Paul : Joe’s Cafe !
Brian : Yeh, That Figures.
Paul : Joe’s Cafe ! Social Statement That, You Know.
George : It Is.

L’enregistrement de la chanson

“Top Gear” – 26 Novembre 1964

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