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Bad Boy : The Beatles : paroles, traduction, histoire…

Bad Boy

Informations sur la chanson

  • Crédits : Williams
  • Durée : 2:19
  • Producteur : George Martin
  • Ingénieur : Norman Smith, Ken Scott

Les paroles de la chanson

A bad little kid moved into my neighborhood
He won’t do nothing right just sitting down and looks so good
He don’t want to go to school and learn to read and write
Just sits around the house and plays the Rock And Roll Music all night
Well, he put some tacks on teachers chair
Puts some gum in little Girl’s hair
Hey, junior, behave yourself

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Buys every rock and roll book on the magazine stand
Every dime that he get is lost to the jukebox man
he worries his teacher till at night she’s ready to poop
From rocking and a-rolling spinning in a hula hoop
Well this rock and roll has got to stop
Junior’s head is hard as rock
Now, junior, behave yourself

Going tell your mama you better do what she said
Get to the barber shop and get that hair cut off your head
Threw the canary and you fed it to the neighbors cat
You gave the cocker spaniel a bath in Mother’s laundramat
Well, mama’s head has got to stop
Junior’s head is
hard as rock
Now, junior, behave yourself

Musiciens ayant participé à l’enregistrement

Paul McCartney : basse, piano électrique
John Lennon : voix principale, guitare rythmique, piano électrique
George Harrison : guitare principale
Ringo Starr : batterie, tambourin

L’enregistrement de la chanson

Enregistrement le 11 mai 1965 en 4 prises. Version finale : prise 4.


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